Using Wide Retractable Banners at Trade Shows

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Busy trade show floor

A trade show is an important step for any company no matter how small or large you are. Your company’s trade show appearance can determine the next year’s revenue streams and your standing within the industry. But, how do you make a big impression on your potential customers and drive traffic to your booth? You can invest in wide retractable banner to show at your booth.  You have probably seen wide banners before but have never paid them any mind to them at all.

What are Retractable Banners?

8 foot wide retractable banner can be used indoors or for events

Retractable banners are, as the name implies, banners that are retractable. Sometimes you will hear them called retractable banner stands. They designed for easy set-up, easy storage, and easy transport. Retractable banners work like most typical window blinds but attach to extending shock stands for extra stability. Retractable Banners come in many different sizes to meet your needs. They are typically available in Vinyl to give your designs a professional colorful and sleek aesthetic.  You can use Retractable banners for store displays, presentations, and events. They also come in standing, hanging, and tabletop types.

Why Choose a Wide Retractable Banner?

Wide retractable banners make events and trade shows more exciting

Trade shows offer many different booth sizes but the standard booth size is 10’ x 10’. The wide retractable banners are designed to maximize the eye-catching look of your booth while saving you a lot of valuable space.  Wide retractable banners come in both vinyl and fabric options. They stand at approximately 7’ in height and come in various widths (5’, 6’, 8’). Wide retractable banners can be tailored made to meet your needs while not busting the bank.

Eye-catching and professional displays

Retractable banners are very attractive and make your booth stand out

The displays around and behind your booth can say a lot about your business and brand. Your displays are used to describe the brand and product to a potential customer before even approaching your booth.  So, rule of thumb would be for you to use eye-catching designs that relate to both your product and your customer. On the trade show floor, many different companies are fighting for attention from a limited amount of people. So, you will only have a few seconds to attract the attention of anyone passing by.  You can use Wide Retractable Banners as a backdrop to your booth. They offer incredible versatility to display full-colored professional graphics that will attract more potential customers to your booth with ease. Combining the Wide Retractable Banners with many other display pieces will give you more time to focus on converting customers rather than attracting them. 

Ease of use

The worst part of any trade show is the setup and breakdown of the booth. But, the retractable banner system is small and only requires less than 10 minutes of set-up time. The sleek and small footprint of the banner saves valuable space on any car, truck, or airplane and saves on shipping costs, if you need to ship.  This space-saving ability is something that allows you to bring even more items to the trade show. The small footprint of the banner system will give you peace of mind to focus on other more important issues surrounding the trade show rather than how to get a large display to the trade show. Additionally, breaking down your trade show booth is made simple easy and quick. 

Final Word

Retractable banner can drive success

Trade shows are an immense opportunity for you to fully display your company’s products and services to new potential customers and peers within your industry. But choosing the right display for your Booth can be daunting. You need to make the most of the opportunity and Wide Retractable Banners give you a leg up on the competition and make the biggest splash possible. Wide retractable banners are a simple but incredibly sophisticated design piece. You will get your company’s more notoriety and take your showing at any trade show to another level. They are easy to use, easy to set-up and easy to store making them invaluable to any company going to a trade show for the first time or regularly.  

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Last modified: January 21, 2021

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