Pop Up Displays and Modular Displays: Which Display is Right For You?

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Pop-up displays and modular displays are both very popular display choices and are similar in a lot of ways. But when should you use one or the other to maximize the appeal of an event? It all depends on the event!

Planning out your booth for a trade show, exhibition, or convention can be stressful. It can be even more stressful if you don’t have a finished look in mind. After all, there are many ways to have an attractive event setup, from displays to table throws to decals. But which event props will help you to steal the spotlight and be the talk of the crowd? The answer is to use displays.

Identify the Purpose of the Event and Your Goals

Trade shows are great avenues to increase notoriety of your brand

First of all, it’s important to note what the purpose of your event is. Trade show events are conventions exclusively for businesses or organizations. They’re intended to promote your products or services. A trade show can get really packed with businesses and their booths. There are also guests that are browsing through each venue of the event.

Typically, the goal of a trade show is to boost your connections and networks with more qualified or engaged people. This eventually generates new, qualified leads for your business and builds strong new relationships. Create partnerships with other organizations, and more people who know about your business or brand!

An exhibition has a less apparent business connotation and is more meant for people to leisurely enjoy their sights and experiences. 

For example, an art exhibit is a great place to learn about art and appreciate artworks, but it isn’t always a place to buy art. Another good example is a seminar, where you’re being educated about a topic. Exhibitions are a great way to engage more people. 

However, exhibitions can still be used for your business to highlight what your business has to offer, just in an educational, fun, and creative way!

Another event category is to celebrate something. Sometimes there isn’t a product or service you want to promote such as that in a trade show. You might not want or need to highlight the features of an aspect of your company or educate your audiences, like the purpose of an exhibition. 

Think about a birthday, holiday, party, or any other event where you can relax and enjoy the moment. Even though you’re not promoting something, you would still want an eye-popping event that will make people want to take their cameras out!

To recap, you should aim for increasing exposure for your business or services in a trade show, while expanding your relationships. An exhibition should educate and entertain your audiences. You want to make a memorable event for a celebration or a special occasion.

In the end, no matter what your event is, you will always want to make the guests’ experience the best that it can be and an occasion that they will always remember! 

The Right Display for the Right Event

So now that you have your event purposes and goals out of the way, you can start to think about what displays you can include in your events!

Pop Up Displays

Pop up displays come in any size you need.

Pop up displays are a good form of display to have at an event because it relays important information very quickly for everyone to see. This can be about information for your event, brief details about your business, or whatever else you think deserves attention. 

Pop up displays can come in many sizes, from tabletop versions to up to 30 feet! This makes it very versatile as you can get a pop-up display that is commensurate to the space that you have for your event. If you’re participating in a crowded space, then you can get a smaller display. Similarly, you can get a very large display if you have a lot of room in your event. 

Another fantastic thing about pop up displays is that they are so easy to set up! No matter what size they are, all it takes is to expand the display stand and put the fabric with your graphic over the stand. That way, the front panels and sides will be covered up by the fabric. A good way to estimate how long it will take to set up your pop up display is that for every foot in the length of the display will take one minute to set up. For example, if you have a pop-up display that is 10 feet long, it will take you around 10 minutes to set it up, give or take.

Modular Exhibits

Modular displays are full packaged displays to meet your needs

Modular displays, or modular exhibits, generally come in the following sizes: big, bigger, and even bigger. These displays are huge and take up a lot of room! Make sure you use modular exhibits accordingly to how much space you are provided for an event. You also have to account for the number of people surrounding the exhibit!

Modular displays are extremely interactive. They can support a bunch of things other than just a display. For example, you can put your products on shelves that are in the modular display. You can use monitors to enhance the visual appeal of your presentation. If you’re tired of standing during a presentation, you can just sit down on one of the modular display chairs.

Needless to say, modular displays are very interactive and can be more exciting than a pop up display. However, that doesn’t make the modular display superior to the pop up display. There are many reasons to think about before you commit to a display for your event.

Get the Display Your Event Deserves

Going back, we mentioned that there were a few types of events to hold: trade shows, exhibitions, and celebrations. Although there is no one right answer about which display to get, there are often times where one display may perform better than another. 

Displays for Exhibitions

Make a statement at your next exhibition with modular displays

In an exhibition, you want to be as interactive and engaging as possible. In this case, go for a modular exhibit instead of a pop-up display. Modular displays add flair to the presentation, seminar, or other kinds of exhibitions and can ensure that your audience will pay attention.

Displays for Celebrations

Make your next celebration unique with pop up displays

Celebrations, such as birthdays, weddings, holidays, and corporate events don’t need as much interaction from a display as there are usually other kinds of entertainment that are the highlight of the event. A pop-up display would serve better for celebrations because it shows off your event in a flashy but elegant way. In addition, a pop-up display is better than a modular exhibit for personal or private events.

Displays for Trade Shows

Steal the show with your beautifully designed modular displays

At a trade show, you may find yourself competing with many other businesses for the guests’ attention. In this case, we recommend both pop-up displays and modular exhibits! It all depends on how much space you have, but you should want to create a truly memorable venue for your guests to visit. Getting a modular display would help showcase your products and services, while pop up displays will make a great way to invite more guests in.

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Last modified: December 20, 2021

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