Using Backlit Pop Up Display: How Lighting Helps With Branding

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Attract a crowd with backlit pop up displays

Are you looking for another drive traffic to your company? A great way to increase traffic is to use eye-catching displays. Your brand is built with a specific them and you need to properly showcase that to attract customers. A backlit pop up display is a sophisticated tool when used properly can attract more customers. Here are some things for you to consider when using backlit pop up displays

Do you know what backlit pop up displays are?

Backlit pop up displays are incredibly versatile

Pop up displays are displays that are made to be simple to set-up and transport. That means that you can literally “pop up” the display at any location you need. The pop up display includes full printed premium woven polyester that is incredibly durable. Full coloring printing gives you the versatility to make incredible designs.  These displays are great to use when you’re presenting your products, business, or other promotion. 

Now the main difference between pop up display and backlit pop up displays is the addition of lighting. Backlit pop up displays come with LED lights installed both on the top and bottom of the display to give even lighting to your graphics. This gives you even more versatility to really show off your graphics and brand. 

Why you should use a backlit pop up display?

A series of questions

Now that you know what a backlit pop up displays, you may be asking “why should I use it?” There are real benefits to using these backlit pop up displays.  Backlit pop up displays can really give your graphics are upscale feel and look. This can, ultimately, take you and your company to the next level. The legend of your brand will only grow with the word of mouth of people who see your great looking displays and branding. 


Full color options let you make any design you want for your backlit pop up displays

The polyester fabric overlays used with pop up displays are printed using dye sublimation. Dye sublimation is great because it transfers the dyes on to the product on a molecular level. This means that the colors are vibrant and will never wash off the product. Now, you have a lot of flexibility to customize your pop-up display with any number of colors and graphics you want knowing that it will look the same time after time. They come in different sizes from 4’, 5’ and 7’. Get whatever size you need for your project.

Easy to use

Backlit pop up displays are easy as cake to set up

Pop up displays are made with a collapsible aluminum frame with silicone edges that make the display sturdy and stay in place. This gives you peace of mind that your display will be flush and secure while you are conducting your business.  Pop up displays are incredibly easy to use. They are compact and lightweight that can be carried by a single person. This makes storage and travel an absolute breeze. Any shipping or storage costs for your displays are instantly reduced by using the backlit pop up displays. 

How can you use backlit pop up displays?

Proper lighting and displays will draw a crowd to you

Lighted displays are a great way to draw attention to your message or product. It will make your business stand out from the crowd wherever you are. A backlit display will make your graphics steal the show, gleam with quality, and best of all, create an elegant, powerful impression to people exposed to your business for the first time. 

They work especially great in darker places or during the nighttime. Combine backlit pop up displays with other display graphics to really showcase your company through a theme. Here are a few different examples of using backlit pop up displays:

Retail stores

Really light up your sale with backlit pop up displays

Lighting plays a big role in retail stores. The visual design of your store can really affect and drive traffic to your store which increases sales. Combining unique designs and lighting will give your customers a unique environment and have them saying “wow!” This will help build your brand in the minds of your customers. Think of the lighting that is used in retail design during the Christmas season. Lighting is at the center of the store design during that time of year. We briefly spoke about using backlit pop up displays during the holidays in this earlier article


Backlit pop up displays really showcase your designs in a eye-catching way

Trade shows are an incredible opportunity for you to really showcase your company to peers and potential customers. Visuals and optics are everything when creating first impressions. So, the visuals of your trade show booth can really make or break your overall performance during the convention. An attractive and professional-looking booth lets people know what kind of business you run. A backlit display will make your graphics steal the show, gleam with quality, and best of all, create an elegant, powerful impression to people exposed to your business for the first time. 


Make a splash at your next event with backlit pop up displays

Try using pop up displays at your events. They can be used at the entrance of the event to welcome guests in style.  Pop up displays are also fun because they can be used as backdrops for guest photos. Now adding the lighting gives an even more grand and luxurious feel for the event. Imagine, the look on the face of your guests. The loss of words that they have just by looking at the incredibly refined event in front of them. Give your guests something to talk about at your next event! 

Final thoughts

Backlit pop up displays will draw the crowd

The visuals that are associated with your company really matter to spreading your message of information about your organization. So, make sure everyone every sees your message and graphics as plain as day with backlit pop up displays. This makes your product reveals and conferences, events look like full-blown productions like movies or television. These premium displays build trust in your brand. So, make sure you are using them to your benefit. 

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Last modified: December 16, 2019

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