Corporate Gift Ideas & Corporate Event Ideas for Celebrations

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Corporate gifts are fun and appreciated

Corporate gifts are a great way to highlight your business or brand’s generosity! There’s never a wrong time to give your employees, customers, clients, and other people associated with your corporate gifts. It can be for the holidays, for a corporate event, or even for no special occasion! 

Personalized Employees Gift Ideas

Everyone loves getting gifts

Your employees will love getting apparel, gear, accessories, or other neat things that they can use every day! It’ll make them feel like they belong to something more than just a business. They will feel more like a family or community.

Not only will workers appreciate corporate gifts, but it can also increase their overall satisfaction with working with you. 

More satisfied employees mean that they’ll be more inclined to do their best. They’ll be motivated to get more tasks done and more efficiently, and stay committed to the company. After all, when you treat your employees like they deserve to be treated, they will want to work harder.

Gifts for Corporate Employees

If you work in a corporate environment, you may have a large number of employees in every department. These employees will definitely have differing opinions about your gift ideas, so that makes it very important to find a gift that everyone will like!

High quality corporate gifts means high satisfaction

If your budget isn’t too tight, then you can give your employees higher-quality gifts that will last, such as electronics! One idea is to get them wireless speakers so that they can enjoy their music as loud as they want! Speakers make a great present because everyone enjoys music, and they can bring it with them anywhere they go! It’s perfect for holiday getaways, small gatherings, or other occasions.

Corporate branded portable chargers make great gifts

Another great electronic gift to give your employees is portable chargers! Your employees won’t have to deal with their phones and other mobile devices dying before they even get to work or after they leave to go home. Portable chargers can be a lifesaver when a device’s battery is low and will be used very often by all of your employees!

If your budget is on the tighter side, you can still give corporate gifts to your employees that they’ll love! Apparel is definitely a corporate gift that can bring lots of advantages to you and your employees. These are great because they can be worn often and last for a long period of time, and you can even make them functional as well! Give your employees a new uniform with polo shirts with your logo! That way, you can give a gift and more work apparel options at the same time, making your workers look and feel better at work! 

Even if you give your employees clothing that they would rather wear outside of the workplace, such as a sweatshirt or a baseball hat, you can put your brand logo on them. This makes it so every time they go out wearing your apparel, they can represent and advertise your business! 

Corporate Gifts for Remote Employees

Show your appreciation for employees both close and far with corporate gifts

With an increasing number of people deciding to work remotely, it may be no surprise if you have workers that work offsite on their own. However, if you’ve never met these remote employees before, you can still give them gifts that will be beneficial to them and that they can use to do their work more effectively!

It’s important to consider how your remote employees work in order to get them a present. Are they working at home? Do they work more on their computers, or are they telecommunicating with clients and leads? Are they working outdoors to meet clients?

Custom mouse pads are good presents to give to remote workers because they will probably be using their desktop or laptop to work offsite. Make their work experience as comfortable as possible with a custom mousepad that will be sure to make your employees happy! Mousepads can include your logo or custom design on it, so it will feel like a great personalized gift. You can even think of custom mousepads as work uniforms for remote workers!

Another possible corporate gift idea for remote employees who are often on the go is phone car chargers! Your employees can comfortably travel to generate new leads, close deals, and get more outreach for your business without worrying about their phones losing charge. Putting your logo on the car charger will allow the passengers of the car to see your brand, making your brand gain more exposure!

Gifts for New Employees

Corporate gifts can really wow your new employees!

Don’t give up on giving newer employees excellent gifts that they’ll love just because they’re new! All your employees deserve amazing gifts for different purposes. It’s very important to give newer employees generous gifts to give them a great first impression of your business. Give your employees gifts that will make working more comfortable and easy!

One way to increase employee satisfaction using gifts is to give them items that can make their commute easier. You can give them custom umbrellas with your logo on it so they won’t be caught in the rain! The logo on the umbrella is also a good way to make sure that people see your brand name on an official company umbrella.

Other corporate gifts that you can give to your workers are tote bags! Tote bags are useful for carrying many items and can be used for many occasions. Having a corporate event? Your employees can store their extra belongings in the tote bag! Your employees can use it for their own personal use outside of work. There are so many ways to use the tote bag! 

Corporate Event Ideas

Corporate gifts can liven up any corporate event.

Now that you have a bunch of great corporate gift ideas for your employees, it’s time to think of when to distribute them! It can be during work, or you can give it to them at a company event!

End of years, birthdays, successful results, and other joyful events should be celebrated. You can hold a party or formal celebration in your workplace or at another site to celebrate these events! If you’re looking to celebrate a big event, make sure you order the right displays that correspond with the number of people attending the party or event!

But before getting to the kind of displays that you should have at the event, you should figure out the layout and event flow of the special occasion. Where would you place your food and drink area? How big do you want the area where people can socialize and network? Will there be a DJ and dancing? These are all simple but important questions to consider before choosing a display for your event.

Event Decor – Table Throws, Wall Decals, and Floor Graphics 

Table throws give excellent flair to corporate events

An event of any size will need a place to keep appetizers, snacks, and other food items. If you’re celebrating at a restaurant, you shouldn’t have to worry about that. However, if you’re holding it at a private venue or at your workplace, you will want to keep the food on a big table to avoid messes from small tables. Give your table some of your styles by putting a table throw custom imprinted with your business’s name, logo, messages, and design on it!

If you’re having entertainment at your event, you would want to capitalize on making the most of your space, including the walls and the floors. You want to have a beautiful event. After all, people will undoubtedly be taking pictures of the event! It also creates a great first impression for guests and employees at the event, showing that your business celebrates generously.

Wall graphics stick on to any wall and make the space pop

You can put wall decals on your walls with a graphic representing the event. Is it a holiday-themed occasion? You can put a Christmas tree or snowflakes on the wall to give it a winter effect! If it’s a birthday, you can put a “Happy Birthday” decal with the person’s name on it to put them in the spotlight! 

Floor graphics are extremely important when guests walk into the room. It will be the first thing that they see and can influence their entire impression of the event. Make your floor graphics inviting and interesting so that your guests will have a good feeling about the event right when they walk in! Floor graphics are also slip-resistant, so you don’t have to be cautious of people slipping or losing their balance when they walk over it.

Make Your Event a Business Opportunity

Be prepared for any business opportunity with business cards

There’s one more thing you should consider when holding your event: who should be there? Will it be only people from your business, or will there be people from other organizations present in the event? If there are a lot of outside people attending your event, it’ll be a great opportunity to network and get leads. You can grow your business, all while having a blast at the party!

If you’re planning on creating new leads and opportunities at your event, it would be extremely important to bring business cards with you to hand out to everyone you meet. There can be a chance that people can forget your name in the blur of the events at the party, so a business card can help them remember your contact information! Get a business card with a design and feel that will make you stand out from the crowd. 

Decor for Smaller Events

If the number of employees at your business is not that high, you don’t have a lot of physical room or time to celebrate, or the guest list of your event is limited, it’s probably better to get a smaller display to go well with the overall atmosphere and attendance at the event. Just because they’re small doesn’t mean that they’re not effective! If your design is great, it’ll look great on all kinds of displays, regardless of its size. 

A small business, such as one with 10 to 20 employees and managers are more likely to host a small event, requiring smaller displays. This is the perfect opportunity to use tabletop displays! As their name suggests, you can use tabletop displays on nearly all tables with flat surfaces to make great use of their compact size and allow you to have more room for your event!

Tabletop Retractable Banners

Tabletop retractable banners are simple, sleek, and stylish

Tabletop retractable banners are great to use when you need a portable display for a brief moment of time. They work by simply pulling out the graphic concealed from its base so that the graphics are only displayed when you need them to! Not to mention they’re extremely lightweight, so carrying it around will be a breeze!

SEG Fabric Frame Display

Are you looking for a quick and easy setup process for a display? If so, SEG fabric frame displays are exactly what you’re looking for! SEG stands for silicone edge graphics, making the display a very easy one to attach to the stand. All you have to do is tuck the fabric that the graphic is printed on into the hardware. It’s that simple!

Large Event Displays 

You will need bigger displays if you’re hosting events for more people. You would want to make your bigger celebrations, such as end of the year parties or product launch parties, be celebrated the right way! Bigger events are also more likely to have people that you would want to connect with in the future, so make it as impressive as possible!

Pop Up Displays 

Create a big splash with pop-up displays!

A pop-up display will have your guests immediately talking! These enormous displays are fun, exciting, and make really good backdrops for pictures and photoshoots. Use pop-up displays to present your business is a grand, luxurious fashion! Pop-up displays also come in many sizes, from tabletop sizes to up to 30 feet long!

There are also many more forms of large format printing that you can use at any event. There are even graphic installers that can help you set up the displays at your party so you won’t have to yourself!

At Printleaf, our mission is to give you and your company the highest quality printing solutions with an incredibly fast turnaround time to let you focus on the more important things in life. Printleaf also offers promotional products that can be used for corporate gifts, holiday gifts, and other ways to thank the members of your business. For more information about our services and products, please visit our website or contact us at (212) 328-1174.

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