Charity with Flair: 5 Brochure Design Ideas for Non-Profit Organizations

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Did you know: a pamphlet is a type of brochure? That’s really important information, because people are tired of receiving the same kinds of brochures from different kinds of organizations, and that’s exactly why you need brochure design ideas to attract more people to your organization.

Whether it’s a thousand dollars or a single dollar, a donation is a step forward in the direction of the change you want to see. Your goal is much bigger than collecting donations. You want other people to understand your mission and stand with you in that pursuit for change.

Unfortunately, there are many barriers running through the minds of people passing by your charity that are delaying your organization’s goals. You get it. People can’t donate to every non-profit organization that they come across.

Some of these barriers may be financial. Some could be a discrepancy in values. But a major reason why people might not want to donate to a non-profit is because they are simply uninterested in the cause and as a result, they lack the will to donate.

Sometimes the Message isn’t Getting Across

A successful marketing campaign creates something interactive that will get people involved with your cause. Raising awareness is counterproductive if the people you want to attract aren’t engaged in your issue. You want your marketing campaigns to be as effective as possible so that people can feel your passion for change and contribute to an important cause. 

If your pile of pamphlets keeps getting higher and higher, you need to rethink your offline marketing strategy. As we progress further into the Digital Age, you might be left wondering: what ever happened to printed advertising? Is it still worth pursuing today?

Don’t throw away your pamphlet just yet. Even in this day and age, printed marketing is still an important tool that all organizations, profit or non-profit, should be taking advantage of.  Your non-profit organization’s brochure might be the deciding factor in whether a reader becomes a donor.

Brochures for non-profit organizations need to be as effective and compelling in order to generate as many donations as possible. Read on for five brochure design ideas that will make yours stand out!

1. Video Brochures

Video brochures can promote non-profit organizations

One great way to grab readers’ attention is by designing a video brochure. What is that exactly?

A video brochure looks like a regular old brochure from the outside. But when you open it up, there’s an LED screen inside that plays a video! It can be about your organization, one of the changes you’d like to see, or whatever you want it to be.

Once someone opens up your brochure, they will be pulled in by the beautiful visuals that represent what you are working towards. Video brochures add an element of surprise from the LED screen, a big difference from the brochures that people are used to. This makes a video brochure a strong candidate for your next marketing campaign.

2. Vintage Brochures

A nice aesthetic can help get readers interested in your organization. A vintage look is a timeless classic that never goes out of style. These historical vintage brochures are still so popular today that some of them are worth over $100.

Of course, you’ll want to make sure that the organization’s ideals are consistent with a vintage style. If they are, this is the perfect choice. A vintage style brochure is a heartfelt message to your readers reminding them of simpler times. An image provoking a thought or a memory might be the trigger to motivate them to support your charity.

Maybe your vintage-inspired brochure will stick around long enough to be sold as an actual vintage brochure. The proceeds can go toward your charity!

3. Landscape-Oriented Brochures

Let’s be honest, when we think about the typical brochure, we will put it down. It’s dull and unoriginal. So how can you prevent that from happening to people picking up your brochure? Open up to your potential donors with a brochure that’s opened differently from what they’re used to!

Most brochures are printed in portrait orientation. Even most of the brochure design ideas in this article are primarily in portrait orientation. Printing your brochures in the landscape orientation would immediately be unique. Combine an uncommon design with your organization’s awesome content, and you’re bound to get the donations you need.

4. Photography Brochures

Environmental photography brochure

Too many brochures are boring and text-heavy. That’s a surefire way to get readers to throw away your pamphlet. To get readers excited about your cause, provide them with some bright and beautiful photographs!

A photo-heavy brochure is very simple to make, too! All you have to do is choose photos that are relevant to your organization’s goals and try to keep a consistent color scheme. 

Remember, a low quality brochure can make people perceive your non-profit organization to be a sham or a fraud. Make sure to check for blurriness, appropriate images, and poor coloring to avoid giving people the wrong impression. 

5. French Fold Brochures

French fold brochures offer a large number of panels

Most brochures are tri-fold. Some brochures are bi-fold. But hardly any brochures are French fold. The type of fold may seem like an insignificant detail, but it all comes down to surprising your readers.

Plus, a French fold brochure lets you add more photos, different blocks of text, and generally allows you to be more creative with the layout of your information. The last thing you want is a reader to roll their eyes at reiterations of brochures that they’ve seen many times before. 

Don’t Stop at Just Brochures for Non-Profit Organizations

Don’t underestimate the power of a well-designed brochure. With the help of these brochure design ideas, your pamphlet will capture and keep your readers’ attention, and motivate them to donate.

A good brochure is a strong way to pull more people into your charity, but brochures work even better when synergized with other printed marketing forms.

Custom stickers have tons of uses. Check out our previous post to learn if a sticker might help you promote your organization. In addition, short run booklets are also stunning forms of presentation that are sure to inform your readers about your cause.

At Printleaf, we work with professionals in New York City. Our mission is to provide the highest quality custom printing. Looking for brochures for an organization in NYC? Come visit us in Midtown. For more information about the services we offer, please visit our website or contact us at (212) 328-1174.

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