Attract More Visitors to Your Hotel This Fall with Marketing Materials

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Attractive window cling make hotels more alluring

Summer is ending. Temperatures are dropping. School is back in session. With the prime vacation periods passing, you might experience fewer guests checking in at your hotel or motel. This is a sign that you need to make some changes to your marketing in order to capture more potential guests and cut the number of vacant rooms in your hotel!

But with the summer ending and school opening, there is a different audience you must appeal. Families won’t have the time to go on vacation and stay at your hotel. This means that the target market for your campaign shouldn’t be family-oriented, and rather focus on the individual guest.

If your hotel is in a large city, you need to take advantage of the location to advertise your own hotel. For example, if you live by an area famous for its arts, activities, or other events, then you should advertise those events along with your hotel. If there’s an event that is expecting many attendants, then you can promote your hotel to the people attending the event in advance. If there’s a large festival, like a Halloween party, or a march, such as for breast cancer awareness, near your hotel, it’s time to start marketing your hotel!

Another way to get more people to visit your hotel is by using more physical items to reach out to more people. While people would like to see how your hotel looks and its features at a convenient place using the internet, that alone isn’t enough to bring more guests to your hotel. 

Marketing Materials

Physical marketing materials are great because they make previous guests at the hotel do the advertising for you, and they’re treated like novelty items by them. Because marketing materials are generally inexpensive and can be used in any budget, they’re definitely a strong advertising tool to take advantage of. Some marketing materials to use are postcards and brochures.


Postcards from Hotel Visitors are great marketing tools

Postcards are an essential marketing instrument for any person running or managing a hotel and want to get more visitors. They’re meant for personal exchanges between people, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use them for a personal relationship with visitors. Personalized marketing is incredibly crucial to any business, and while that applies to automated marketing, it is definitely true for offline marketing methods as well.

A postcard will help new visitors gain trust in your hotel because they’re like testimonials from your past guests. It shows that someone went to your hotel, had a great time at your attractions and enjoyed your hotel services, and most of all are willing to vouch for it with a postcard to remember their stay by. 

This adds to the personalized marketing because even though people who haven’t visited your hotel don’t know about what you have to offer, someone that they know has, and they’ll show them with a postcard. People will appreciate referrals from people they know, and as a result, they will turn into new visitors at your hotel.


Brochures (Marketing Materials) advertising different features near hotel

Brochures are another form of communication that can go a long way. Even in the digital age, brochures are extremely effective in portraying a service or a product in a fantastic light, while still giving important information about those services’ features. A colorful brochure can instantly attract people to picking it up and seeing the comfort and luxury of your hotel.

Some things to consider when using a brochure to promote a hotel or service is the number of folds that it has. The classic brochure is tri-fold, meaning it is folded twice to create three different panels for people to read on, and six if you are printing from the back as well. It’s very effective in advertising to people, but not giving out too many details that might bore them.

However, you should try using other brochure folds, as well! Half-folds are very interesting too, or you can try more folds if you want more pictures to speak for you!

Brochures are not only used for promotional uses, but they have other applications as well. They can be used as menus for your restaurants or bars. Or they can contain information about a show or an event taking place at your hotel. The possibilities are endless!

Of course, some people may not be satisfied with traditional brochures. If you want to make a brochure that are sure to get someone’s attention, try thinking outside of the box for your brochure! For tips on creating a unique brochure, check out our brochure design ideas


Signs are pivotal in attracting more people to your hotel and are sure to get it more exposure. Some signs should not only be used outdoors but indoors as well. Other signs can be placed in more effective locations, and don’t have to be as large as you think. 

Window Clings

Window clings are great marketing tools that make your hotel look inviting

Window clings are marketing must-haves because they make your hotel look much more inviting. It’s definitely something that should show up for your business when someone looks it up online so they can have a great first impression of it. Window clings can make your hotel look like royalty and will attract more people to it. 

Window clings aren’t meant for just windows, but on any smooth surface. This is especially useful for glass surfaces, such as glass doors. This creates an elegant look that are sure to make you stand out from other hotels in the area. If someone is looking for a hotel to stay in last minute, a window cling will surely help you win your next guest.

Flex Signs

Flex sign advertising hotel gift shop are a common marketing tool for you to consider

Flex signs can show your customers the different things your hotel has to offer and is a sign that performs very well when used for larger hotels with more attractions. Use them in outdoor restaurants to let people know what’s on the menu or promotions that the restaurant is holding. Use them inside of your lobby to advertise what events will be coming to the hotel.

Flex signs are very durable and have a sturdy base to keep it standing. You won’t have to worry about the weather ruining your sign, or tampering with your hotel’s image!
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Last modified: January 30, 2020

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