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marketing ideas for electoral campaign

Are you running for office or for a position in influence? Whether it’s for a local jurisdiction or for a higher legal system, you need to make your voice heard! Let’s be honest, social media platforms and canvassing efforts won’t be enough. You want direct, more engaging ways to market your electoral campaign to the best that you can!

One way to make sure that you can get your message across to people is by promoting your speeches, debates, and press conferences as much as you can in your local area. You want the people that you’ve grown up with and the people that you’re running for to support you! Your local voters are your backbone to your reputation. But if no one in the neighborhood knows who you are, who will vouch for you?

Another reason to get more local support is that they want to feel like you are one of them. You want to represent them with how you carry yourself and how you operate your run in office. This is why it’s so crucial to get more locals to know about you and what you stand for. With more people voting for you, donating to your campaign, and believing in you as a person fit to make positive changes, changes will happen.

How to Attract More People to Your Local Campaign Events

Take advantage of what the environment of your community is like. Branding is everything, and your branding should be consistent with your community’s values to get local votes and acclaim. 

Use the following tools to help you display your campaign and create a great first impression with local voters!

Political Yard Signs

yard sign used to market campaign
blank board on the grass

Using yard signs is a classic campaign advertising method. A great yard sign will include your name, a phone number and an email address for people to contact you with, a catchy slogan that people will remember, and a professional photo of you. 

If your community often experiences rain or very strong winds, you need a yard sign to beat the weather! Yard signs made of corrugated plastic is an amazing solution since the material is weather-resistant and waterproof, and can last a long time. Perfect for candidates that plan on advertising their campaign early! And there are many advantages of announcing your run early on. People will recognize you and your goals, and eventually, they will trust you. 

Voting Stickers

voting stickers for electoral campaign

Stickers can attract a wide range of demographics! Many politicians use stickers when running for office because it gets your name more exposure from people putting your name out there on their personal belongings. The best part is, stickers are very inexpensive when you take into accountant their great effect on your local campaign! If you are on a limited budget, stickers will easily pay off.

A great sticker shape is circle stickers because they can be stuck to many things without clashing with the design of the sticker. Put your name, community, and an image of your logo to get people interested in your campaign!

Another sticker idea you can use are die-cut stickers. Die-cut stickers are very unique because they take the shape of your design! If your design is something patriotic, such as an eagle, or even something simple, like your initials, then you definitely want to use die-cut stickers! It’s important to have a sticker that will make more people know about you. 

Finally, a sticker that can definitely reach more people is bumper stickers. Bumper stickers are an immediate, eye-catching attraction to drivers behind your vehicle. If you live in an area where traffic on roads and highways are high, take advantage of your location! A bumper sticker promising better road conditions or safety standards are sure to have an effect on voters on the road. Bumper stickers are also made to resist rain and weather, so you can advertise without letting rain affect your campaign.

Backlit Film

backlit film for electoral campaign

Many members of your community may take public transportation to work or social outings. For that demographic, it might be wise to target their transportation concerns with a sign that they will see right away when waiting for the bus or train. Backlit film signs are signs that are typically used for bus stops and train stations, and are visible during any time of day using LED lighting. This is the perfect type of advertisement to target your prospective voters within that demographic!

Because backlit film signs are so prevalent at public transportation stops, it would be wise to center the design around your voters’ commuting experiences. One idea for a backlit film design to address your community’s issues with public transportation includes putting a channel to voice their concerns. If someone feels unsafe at a bus stop or inside a bus in your community, they should have a place to contact to let them know which stops should increase safety and security codes. It will also give you a better understanding of your community’s worries and what issues you should tackle.

Vehicle Magnets

Vehicle magnets are magnets stuck onto the metal panel of your vehicle. If you’re driving from place to place during your campaign, make the most of your transportation! Vehicle magnets are a common advertising tool that makes your run for office more visible to pedestrians, drivers, and anyone looking out from their window.

Think Outside the (Ballot) Box

Some more ideas to increase exposure to your brand for your political run can be found in our other marketing articles. Marketing materials are affordable items that you can give out during your electoral campaign, and people will love them! 

Another resource to keep in mind is brochures and pamphlets. Use our unique brochure and pamphlet design ideas to amaze your neighborhoods when you go canvassing!

If you want to go even bigger, check out our large format printing article! Large format printing is great for making your designs seen by many more people because of the great size of the print jobs. Try advertising using billboards, large posters and banners, murals, and many more products that will improve your publicity!

At Printleaf, we work with professionals in New York City. Our mission is to provide the highest quality custom marketing materials. Looking for high-quality means of marketing your electoral campaign fast? Come visit us in Midtown. For more information about the services we offer, please visit our website or contact us at (212) 328-1174.

Last modified: January 30, 2020

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