Breast Cancer Awareness Promotional Products and Event Ideas

Breast cancer awareness promotional products and events

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in the U.S. Breast cancer is a very common disease that develops within one in eight women in the U.S. However, in the last three decades, the number of deaths due to breast cancer have dropped by a whole 40%! This is definitely a result of awareness for breast cancer. Women are now getting checked and screened earlier, preventing the progression of the disease.

Forty percent is an astounding feat, but we still have a long way to go. The answer is clear. Raising awareness so women get screened earlier is the difference between life and death.

No matter what kind of industry your organization is in, there is always something you can do to promote awareness of breast cancer. Openly showing your support for breast cancer awareness can change the lives of many women and even men to encourage them to get screened earlier. 

Showing support for breast cancer awareness can also do wonders for your brand perception, too. Raising awareness can get people to recognize your organization that cares about the health of its customers, clients, or donors. This turns into people having trust in your organization as not just an organization, but a group of people of empathetic people who put health first before their business.

There are many ways to show your support for raising awareness. You can host events, distribute items, attend marches, make posts online, and so on to spread awareness to people on multiple channels. 

Breast Cancer Awareness Events to Hold

March for breast cancer

Events are a great way of getting more people involved in your mission to spread awareness. There are many large events that you can already participate in, such as Susan G. Komen Races or Walks, and give your organization some presence and visibility for the cause. Or, you can host your own events to raise awareness. Not to mention it can be a blast for participants and even the event managers!

Your main objective should be to be as effective as possible in getting the word out. The more people get tested for breast cancer, the higher the rate of surviving it if they do have it. Raising awareness isn’t possible unless you engage your participants.

Events should be fun, otherwise, they may suffer from low attendance or people being dissatisfied with it. A great event, no matter the occasion, adds value to the person’s time so they won’t feel wasted.

It’s important to discuss with the departments of your organization what kind of events your organization is capable of. This makes your team create the event around those capabilities. Poor event management can lead to not living up to people’s expectations, causing disappointment.

Does your team have trouble coming up with events for Breast Cancer Awareness Month? Take a look at our ideas for what you can do to raise awareness and give people an event to remember!

Sponsor a Fundraiser

Fundraiser event for Breast Cancer Awareness

Raising funds for your cause while raising awareness is an extremely valuable way to approach Breast Cancer Awareness Month. If you’re in a business that sells physical products, take advantage of this opportunity! Holding a fundraiser promoting your inventory items that are harder to get rid of.

Selling older products such as previous seasonal clothing or accessories can be sold for cheaper at fundraiser events. You can give all the proceeds to a breast cancer charity of your choice!

There are many benefits to sponsoring a fundraiser. You help raise funds for breast cancer research or assisting the lives of breast cancer patients. You also instill the idea of your organization working hard to do anything they can to help to fight the disease. Lastly, putting out a fundraiser will help your business get rid of excess inventory and stock for a good cause!

Promoting Your Fundraiser

There are a few ways to promote a fundraiser. One way is through social media. Make a post(s) letting people know when and where the fundraiser will take place. Inform your community about the items that you’re selling, and you’ll get rid of your inventory in no time!

Another way to promote a fundraiser is by spreading awareness using physical signs and marketing materials. Large format posters are a great form of communicating an event in businesses. That’s because these posters so big and hard to miss! Make sure to include a design emphasizing your support for breast cancer awareness so you can attract more people!

You can also use postcards to advertise the fundraiser! People love postcards because they’re concise, and a nice postcard could be saved as a memento of the fundraiser!

Awareness Seminars & Programs

Speaker informing audience about the importance of being screened early

If you manage events at a school, university, library, or other institution with many visitors coming in every day, you can run a Breast Cancer Awareness Month seminar or program to discuss causes, effects, treatments, and other ways people can help.

A seminar is great for younger people to get educated about the importance of early screening and how it saves lives! You can get guest speakers for the seminar or presentation. Look for speakers from research firms, doctors and patients, patients, and/or survivors. The perfect speaker will create an experience that the audience will never forget.

Get Creative with Your Events!

Of course, presentations tend to bore people, so there should be multiple transitions during the seminar to keep people entertained. One way to avoid people from losing your attention is by playing trivia games with prizes that they’ll love.

One prize idea is bookmarks sporting a breast cancer design. Guests at the seminar will enjoy the design and get more people to learn about breast cancer every time they use it to read books at libraries, schools, or coffee shops.

Another useful and fun prize idea is notepads. Notepads will be functional right when you distribute them to your audience because they can use them to take notes during the presentation or write other important information. You can design a notepad with shades of pink or with breast cancer awareness icons!

Pop Up Events

Pop up event to raise awareness for breast cancer

You can create a pop-up event at an organized pop up event location. Make it as interactive as possible to attract more people to it and make it as fun as possible. Pop up events are great content ideas for Instagram and other social media profiles, so make sure your event layout is at the top of its game so it’s ready for cameras! With your event on social media, not only will it increase your online presence, but it will raise awareness for breast cancer.

What better way is there to decorate a pop-up event than by using pop-up displays? Pop-up displays are great for small and large events since they come in many sizes. Even the bigger displays are portable and easy to install! You can create a display design that people will want to take pictures of, so you can raise awareness in a fun way!

Retractable banners with breast cancer awareness graphic

Other things to use at a pop-up event are retractable banners. Retractable banners are very easy to use. They work exactly like blinds! All you have to do is pull the banner up to display it, and then pull it again to put it back into the banner stand. Retractable banners are usually made from scrim vinyl material, making it very durable so you can reuse it at any many events!

You’ll also want floor graphics at a pop-up event. This makes your visitors feel engaged the moment they walk into your event! A common floor graphic idea is to use statistics, so people can understand how crucial it is to support breast cancer awareness, breast cancer patients, and survivors. 

Lastly, window decals are recommended for any type of pop-up event because they advertise an event immediately to anyone passing down the street. Design window decals with colors that pop so that you can bring your event to people’s attention!

Promotional Products for Breast Cancer Awareness

Now that you have some suggestions for what kind of events you can hold during this Breast Cancer Awareness Month, you should get other materials ready so people can remember the events! Giving out prizes, gifts, and other keepsakes from your event will help people feel valued and encourage them to raise awareness to other people in their lives.

You can give anything away to support your cause, but consider what people typically expect during awareness events. What would make them happy, and make them share their happiness and enthusiasm for raising awareness?

Embroidered Sticker Patches

Breast cancer embroidered sticker patch is an iconic awareness item.

Stickers of the breast cancer awareness ribbon are essential breast cancer promotional products in many kinds of events. They’re immensely popular for their nice shape, light size, and their great design. It’s very easy to raise awareness using these stickers. Just stick them on and wear them around! The pink color of the sticker makes it easily noticeable and remind others to get screened and tested. 

Sticker patches are a very budget form of promotion. If your organization is hesitant to spend loads of money to make a successful event, it can’t go wrong with sticker patches! Sticker patches also contain embroidery around the edges of the ribbon and have an adhesive back that is sure to stick on flat surfaces, so you can get quantity and quality!

Informational Brochures and Pamphlets

Brochure for breast cancer awareness event

No event is complete without a handout about what the event is for, what visitors should expect, and more useful information about the event and about breast cancer! Brochures are effective tools of getting a lot of information out without overwhelming readers. 

Brochures still work in the digital age, and they work great, too. An interesting brochure design will captivate people into picking it up and digesting all the information from the brochure. Brochures can also be used to advertise an event as well, making it very versatile in its uses for marketing an event, your brand, and the need for awareness!

Although you can simply print a brochure with your design in it, if you really want to maximize the impact a brochure has on readers, check out our article about to create and distribute a rewarding brochure!

Custom T-Shirts

Custom t-shirt printed for event

Apparel is an amazing gift to get from a breast cancer event, and are highly appreciated by visitors. A custom t-shirt of your breast cancer support event will be very popular with people and will be worn again and again, no matter what time of year it is! Customize your t-shirt with your own design and include your logo, messages, or other features to make the shirt stand out!

They’ll make great breast cancer promotion products at events, gifts for customers and clients, and are very memorable tokens of support! Recipients will surely wear them throughout the year and spread awareness year-round!

Awareness Sunglasses

Sunglasses with logos for awareness events

A pair of sunglasses protect your eyes from the sun, but what if they also helped protect people from other things? Glasses are a simple method of getting people aware of the importance of breast cancer screening. They’re also very stylish too, so awareness sunglasses come with many benefits!

Sunglasses are great to give out during outdoor events. Is your business or organization participating in a walk, race, or march for awareness? Hand these out during the event so people can attend the walks without letting the sun get to them while showing their support! Sunglasses are highly customizable, so you can add other things in addition to your awareness design, such as a logo or your organization’s name!

Custom Plastic Bags

Custom plastic bag to store breast cancer promotional products

Need a way to store all the promotional products you’re handing out from your breast cancer awareness events? No need to worry, a plastic bag with your custom design will do the job! Custom plastic bags with your design will look professional and show that your organization stands with people diagnosed with breast cancer.

The best part about plastic bags are that they can be reusable, which means that they can help save a woman’s life, and help people save the environment. Whenever people reuse them, there’s a higher chance of people seeing them and becoming aware of the necessity of getting tested!

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Last modified: January 31, 2020

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