10 Impactful Uses for Grand Format Printing for Your Business

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10 Impactful Uses for Grand Format Printing for Your Business

Large format graphics using grand format printing makes in-store displays and waving banners much more effective, which is why reputable brands use them so often. This format is among the best ways to produce graphics for everything from a marketing campaign to an ambitious garage sale if you want to get noticed. The popularity of grand format printing in mainstream advertising boomed as a result of the digital camera explosion of the mid-90s and the use of grand format printing has been expanding ever since. Here are some examples of the modern uses of grand format printing today:

Backlit Lighting

The backlit lighting display utilizes LED lights to enhance graphic images and lettering creates a hauntingly luminescent effect. Backlit lighting can galvanize a marketing campaign by highlighting key images and grand graphic fonts. These are flashy, bold, and high-end signs that are an ideal representation of larger than life grand format printing.

Repeat Banners

Repeat banners, long backdrops with repeating images or patterns, are popular among major fashion and style brands like the luxury jewelry brand Tiffany & Co. because they make a striking brand focused statement. It’s a bold minimalist approach that pays for itself in terms of sophistication, class, and effective brand saturation.

Store Opening Barricade

The store opening barricade is a blend of utility, aesthetic, and a brilliant use of space. This variety of signage is emblazoned on the face of a storefront and a fantastic way to promote deals and brands on-site using grand format printing. Store opening barricades can be a smart way of fomenting enthusiasm about a new product or even a grand opening.

Corporate Mural Walls

Corporate mural walls, grand format prints outside of the office, in a hallway, or in the open-air that promote specific brands, are becoming more popular. These are action heavy, graphic scenes that are a cost-effective method of marketing and beautification. Companies like Google and Uber use these near their offices to establish their connection to the major cities they inhabit.

Printing Towers

These are for any businesses that have multiple stations of operations and several products they want highlighted in that space. Printing towers are ideal for the fashion, beauty, or technology industry. These towers bring uniformity to the brand’s message consistently, while at the same time being independently informative.

Giant Window Vinyls

Window Vinyls are ideal for business owners who want to leverage window space. Businesses can hide their actual product behind a clever ad that invites potential buyers to wonder about the nature of a new line of dresses or this year’s model of jeep. Their main purpose is to catch the eyes of those passing by especially if they are located in a high foot traffic area.

Outdoor Real Estate Marketing

This type of grand format printing exploits spaces like traffic intersections and other outdoor areas where anyone driving or idling on the road will notice. This branding material also works if a store or place of business is being renovated and the owner wants the message of the business to be placed prominently in order to obscure any clutter.

Fabric Banners

Using fabric banners sends a message of regal success and wealth when used appropriately. They are very marketable and bring a stately and classic feel to your message and your brand. Fabric banners are perfect for opulent window displays that are meant to be specially showcased.

If you want to find out more about how grand format printing can add to your business and branding efforts contact the experts at Printleaf today.

Last modified: January 31, 2020

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