Why You Should Use Custom Calendar Printing?

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End of the year festivities

The end of the year is quickly approaching. The beginning of the new year is upon us. Use this time of year to remind your customers about your company and brand. A calendar is a perfect marketing tool to do just that. You may think that a calendar is simple and, maybe, a little boring but it has so many different options in custom calendar printing to fit the needs of your business for long-term growth. 

Knowing how your customers use calendars

Business is always moving and custom calendars can help you stay on track

With the technological landscape nowadays, people don’t see much value in printed materials but print still has a very ingrained place in our daily lives. Calendars, in particular, have great functionality in printed form. Think about it. You are working on a project and quickly glance over at a calendar to remind yourself if you are forgetting anything else important to do. This simple example shows the incredible value calendars have in everyday life. But the value of calendars isn’t only limited to personal life. Say you do business with other companies or professionals. These individuals are likely working at a desk and regularly on the phone. Having a calendar handy allows them to give proper responses to agree to meetings or deadlines. Giving this to your customer provides excellent value. And utilizing your logo on the calendar will build that trust in your customers’ minds every time they look at the calendar. 

Types of custom calendar printing for you to use

Calendars come in many shapes and sizes. Custom designed and printed calendars can be tailor-made to fit your needs or the needs of your customers. The calendars can be made to fit the high esteem of your brand. But there are so many different options that you may have seen throughout your life but you don’t know just where to start. Here are a few options for custom calendar printing for you to consider to promote your brand to your customers. 

Daily Date

Daily date calendars are a must have for any business

Daily Date Calendars are a classic calendar type. One that you would typically see in movie moments. Daily date calendars are great for the kitchen at home or at work. The days can be ripped away to show the correct date. Having your brand on the top of the daily date calendar will keep your company in the minds of your customers. Especially when they are looking to find out today’s date. 

Wall Calendars

Custom wall calendars are memorable for your customers

A classic calendar to think about is the quintessential wall calendar. A standard 12-month hanging wall calendar is great because it includes a large photo area (8.5″ x 11″). This gives you the ability to make completely custom calendar albums. Think about doing different themes to showcase the fun nature of your brand to customers. The calendars are bound with a double O-ring wire binding that gives incredible strength to your calendars. This means that your calendars won’t fall apart on your customers while they use them throughout the year. The binding even comes in black, white, blue and red. This gives you plenty of options to create the perfect designs to fit your brand. 

Add-a-pad 12 Month Calendar

Promote your business with add-a-pad 12 month calendars

Another memorable calendar type are add-a-pad 12 month calendars. These calendars are great because they are magnetic so they can stick to a refrigerator or any other metal surface. The pad includes a monthly page that can be torn away to show the new month. This calendar also shows off the moon phases for each month. And, most importantly, the calendar can show off your company at the top. Try showcasing a specific deal or service that you are providing. Talk about handy and informative. 

Bookmark calendar

Give a calendar that has multiple functions like a bookmark calendar

Simply put, bookmarks are designed to mark your place in a book. They make great promotional handouts or sales items. Bookmarks are often colorful and showcase your company’s logo or brand. Because they are designed to be used for longer periods than many printed items, they are typically made from heavyweight, durable material. Bookmarks are an incredibly handy item for your customers. Your customers want to unwind and disconnect after a long day. They will want to relax with a good book. Giving custom bookmarks will let them read to their heart’s desires and remember your company every time they use the bookmark. These particular calendars include a calendar and can be custom made with your designs. Give your customers something really practical that they can use regularly. 

Chalkboard shopping list

Chalkboard shopping lists are incredibly handy for your customers

A chalkboard shopping list calendar is another great marketing item for your company to use. This calendar is very similar to the add-a-pad calendar but includes an extra addition that makes it stand out from other calendars. And that is the chalkboard shopping list. The entire calendar is magnetic so stick on your refrigerator, filing cabinet or another metal surface. The calendar is torn away the same way the add-a-pad calendar does. But once the calendar runs out, the chalkboard remains for many years after.  Customize the chalkboard to display any design you want. The chalkboard is designed to last for many years so you can be sure that your designs will last for a long time. When your customers go to check their shopping list, they will see your design and remember your company for many years to come.  

Last thoughts

Promote your brand throughout the year with custom calendar printing

Custom Calendar Printing is a simple but effective marketing tool. They are great at promoting your business or brand throughout an entire calendar year. But, don’t limit yourself in your marketing efforts. You can also try to combine calendars with flyers, brochures, and other marketing materials to maximize your marketing efforts. We talk about this more in this previous article. And lastly, be sure to have fun with your designs on your calendars. Your customers will notice and appreciate the effort you put into your calendars throughout the year.  

At Printleaf, we work with you to build your brand and company.  Our mission is to provide you with the best in custom printing solutions for any problem that you will face this upcoming year. Looking to get some custom marketing materials this year? Come visit us at our Midtown location. For information about our products and service, please visit our website or contact us at (212) 328-1174. 

Last modified: December 27, 2019

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