Skyrocketing Swag: Trends to Propel Your Marketing in 2018

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If you want to stand out, you have to make a bang. Great businesses all have one thing in common, and that’s amazing supply sources. No one wants a lame pencil, or another useless key chain (that they’re probably going to throw away later). People want great quality. They want free swag when considering joining a new business. The less boring your swag is, the higher the chances you have of landing new clients or customers.

Think about all the times you’ve ever been given a sweet free t-shirt or coffee mug. Chances are you kept it. Providing a higher quality of swag gear is simple with so many great companies out there today. Many online suppliers provide superior swag and is all fully customizable to fit your needs. Let’s check out these super great tips on how to upgrade your company’s promotional swag, and propel your marketing skills in 2018.

Create Unique Promo Products From Scratch To Highlight Your Brand

A sure-fire way to get remembered is to create a promo product from scratch. Creating something entirely your own communicates a strong message about your brand while leaving a “mark” on the customer. The personalization benefit creates a deeper bond than you would otherwise have from a more traditional give-away.

For example, if you own a dental office and are trying to promote your practice, create a plastic business card that doubles as having a roll of floss around the edges. Unique gifts won’t be discarded and your brand will be thought of every time they use their gift.

Quality And Design Are Critical

T-shirts, pens, duffel bags, and water bottles will forever be popular, staple swag items. However if these are low quality consider it garbage. Investing heavily in the quality and design of the product will ensure satisfaction. Instead of just a pen, double it as a stylus. Invest in higher quality t-shirts. Buy solid water bottles that can take a beating. Durable, useful, designs will thrive compared to low-quality gifts.

Smart Products Are On The Rise

Smart devices are changing the world as we know it. So many people rely on Bluetooth, smart speakers, fitness trackers, Apple watches, and other connected home gadgets every single day. It makes sense that most people would prefer some sort of smart gadget as a custom promotional product. Investing in smart devices seems overwhelming, but you can choose options from just $20 each. A small price to pay if you’re trying to win over your previous, current, and future customers.

Take Advantage of Snapchat

Snapchat sure has made a splash this year. It’s everywhere. This social media network has an active user base of over 300 million active users. You can take advantage of buying advertising space on Snapchat, or highlight your custom swag giveaways to be relevant to technology. For example, you can use emojis as part of your logo. Or come up with a clever saying pertaining to a popular app or technological lingo that would instantly make clients laugh and be remembered.

Mobile Apps Paired With Swag Gifts

High-quality promo gifts are frequently being bundled with companion smart phone apps. This rapidly growing trend is a great opportunity for companies to repeatedly “stick out” in the customer’s mind even after the product giveaway. Mobile app extensions make this possible. For example, if you give away a promo gift of a Bluetooth key finder (helps keep track of keys or other small items you link it to), it will come with a specific app they must download to use the product. You or a programmer can embed an advertisement within that specific app. So each time they lose their keys and use the product, they open the corresponding app, and will see your company logo/advertisement. The ad also includes a link to your website. Each time they open the app, they’ll be able to click your link therefore increasing your company face time.

Regardless of which trends you choose to pursue, ensure your swag makes sense for you customers, your prospects, and your brand.

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Last modified: January 31, 2020

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Skyrocketing Swag: Trends to Propel Your Marketing in 2018

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