Picking Out the Right Summer Apparel

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“This intense heat really increases my productivity!” said no one ever. Summer brings in the best and worst in all of us. Some people are relaxing on the beach and going on vacation. Some need to go to work in the scorching heat. 

Last month, we experienced one of the hottest June months ever recorded in history. With temperatures on an unprecedented rise, people need to take extra measures to updating their wardrobe and work uniforms to prepare for long summer days, especially if they work outdoors.

With the sun out and the weather being warmer, there are more opportunities for people to work outdoors. You can probably look out the window to confirm that. If working outside describes your company, then it’s necessary to prepare your employees for the heat and the sun’s powerful UV rays right away.

There’s a positive relationship between productivity and employee satisfaction, so it’s a good idea to prevent summertime crankiness and fatigue from affecting your company’s performance this summer.

What to Look for 

If you’re considering ordering custom t-shirt prints for your workers this summer, or for athletic and recreation purposes, some factors to look out for are breathability, softness, and if it is has moisture-wickability. These will guarantee that your staff will not go down this summer without a fight.



Working outdoors may require lots of physical and mental strength. It also results in perspiration and fatigue, and even dizziness or nausea from so much exposure to the heat. A plain t-shirt will not cut it as it won’t have enough resistance against the heat and hot air. This is when you would want your employees to wear breathable clothes. 

Breathability is important in the summer because it absorbs moisture, which will prevent the body from overheating. This will be important if your employees are often outside in the sun. A breathable t-shirt can be the difference between a successful workday or having to send employees home early because of the sweltering heat. 


Whether you are working indoors or outdoors, you don’t want to spend the whole day wearing uncomfortable, restraining clothing. But most importantly, no one wants to buy clothes that will become unwearable after the first few times. Soft clothing is not to be underestimated. Softer clothing is the solution to uncomfortable clothing, and it’s as strong and dependable as your team. 


Soft clothing isn’t only very comfortable, but functional. It allows for better and more efficient movement. Tasks will be completed at a faster pace so there’s more time to cool off. Soft clothing is also light-weighted and relaxing to wear. This will facilitate positive attitudes and a less stressful work environment, leading to greater productivity.

Is Sweat a Threat? Not to Moisture-Wickability 

Sweat can be a big problem for your workers and impact their interactions with customers and clients, so it’s worth checking out moisture-wicking clothing. Moisture-wickability fights perspiration by transferring it to the exterior of the cloth, so that sweat will evaporate faster than clothes that do not implement moisture-wicking.

Moisture-wicking clothing stops sweat from being an issue, and it’s invaluable when working outdoors or in a place where heat persists. Printleaf offers colorful, refreshing moisture-wicking attire that will make sure your team won’t have to break a sweat. 

Choose Your Fabrics 

Now that you know what to consider when choosing apparel for your business, let’s look into the different fabrics and what they are best suited for. 

You Can Count on Cotton

Cotton is a textbook case of a fabric that’s high in quality, comfortable and great for summer days. Cotton is extremely breathable and soft so it’s a natural way of keeping cool when the sun’s out. It’s no wonder cotton is the go-to fabric to use when working outdoors. Don’t let productivity be variable to factors such as temperature and exposure to the sun!


There’s no debate about why cotton is the most effective fabric to wear during the summer. It keeps you cool and comfortable, so you can take on whatever comes your way. Cotton also looks very beautiful due to its high quality material, so it can make your business shine even when the sun goes down. 

Printleaf offers fully customizable cotton tees to represent your company’s stunning logos and trademarks while keeping everyone cool and protected from the heat. 


custom t-shirts for your team

Polyester is a very durable fabric that doesn’t sacrifice comfort, so it can be worn for longer periods of time without breaking apart or being worn out.

Clothing and uniforms made with polyester are recommended to workers with positions that require long days in the same attire and lots of heavy-lifting. This sturdy fabric is also recommended for businesses that would like to reduce costs while still keeping the members of their staff comfortable.

Another cool perk about polyester is that it doesn’t wrinkle easily. This is especially important to consider when deciding between fabrics for your workers’ attire since it would almost always make your staff look tidy and ready to do business. But most importantly, it’ll keep you feeling and looking cool.

Can’t Pick Between Cotton or Polyester? Check out Tri-Blend

Combining the softness of cotton with other comfortable fabrics such as polyester and Rayon, a tri-blend shirt is the perfect harmony of fabrics to stay comfortable and productive in the heat this summer.

Tr-blend tees are definitely the fabric to go for this summer if you want to provide your employees with the highest levels of comfort and satisfaction. Find the perfect fit of Printleaf’s customizable tri-blend t-shirts

Mess with Mesh

Mesh is another smart fabric to wear to repel the heat and maximize breathability. In particular, mesh hats are able to make sure your head is protected from the heat.

Some other advantages of mesh hats are that they also fit very nicely with everyone and completely adjustable. This is convenient when you need to place an order for a larger staff so you can skip sizing and go straight to work. Mesh hats are available at Printleaf, where they can be customized in any way to represent your business. 

At Printleaf, we work with professionals in New York City. Our mission is to provide the highest quality custom printing. Looking for customized apparel for a business in NYC? Come visit us in Midtown. For more information about the services we offer, please visit our website or contact us at (212) 328-1174.

Last modified: January 30, 2020

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