Step and Repeat Banners: What Are They and Should You Get One?

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Step and Repeat Banner Printing for all events

When you host an event, you have many powerful opportunities to make a real impact and connections with your guests. Unfortunately, without the right setup, those opportunities can slip away. How can you grab those opportunities in one simple and effective sweep? You use a step and repeat banner. 

Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of a step and repeat banner. You’ve probably seen them at events and on other platforms, but this article will explain how to use them to connect with your guests.

What is a Step and Repeat Banner?

Step and repeat banners come in different sizes.

A step and repeat banner refers to one thing in two different ways. The banner is a long and often mounted on a wall. It can also be mounted on a stand with custom pole pockets at the top and bottom. 

The material of the banner itself is made of vinyl material typically ranging from 13 ounces to 18 ounces. The heavier the material, the more durable the banner will be. Consider where you would like to put the banner since putting it outdoors calls for thicker vinyl material. 

The banner has a repeating pattern on it, which it gets its name from. The pattern can be a logo of the event or a business hosting or sponsoring the event. It can also be a name, date, or message instead of a logo!

Where to Use a Step and Repeat Banner?

This type of banner is often used at red carpet type events. Guests and celebrities walk in front of the banner for a nice photoshoot. Your business’s red carpet doesn’t need to literally be red, but what matters is giving people something to talk about. It gives both the business on the banner valuable exposure and also an opportunity for conversation and gossip.

Step and repeat banners can be used for trade shows, conventions, weddings, parties, ceremonies, and other events!

Birthday step and repeat banners are very popular to use for special birthday celebrations. Whether you’re turning 16, 21, 30, or 65, a step and repeat will add class and luxury to your event. Put the name of whose birthday it is along with the date or a message to celebrate the birthday the right way!

Wedding and engagement step and repeat banners are also extremely common and for good reason. They look beautiful and make weddings and engagement parties feel more magical. Design a step and repeat pattern with the couple’s name and the wedding/engagement date so all your guests know who the lucky couple is! You can put all kinds of decorations on the step and repeat banners, such as a floral border, glitter fonts, or other ways to customize it just the way you want it!

Take Halloween and Christmas parties to the next step, or any holiday that calls for a celebration! Step and repeat banners can be used essentially anywhere and will be a major topic of conversation.

Why You Should Get a Step and Repeat Banner for Your Event!

The step and repeat patterns and banners are not only simple and straightforward to create, but have a lot of effective details. If you have the room and expense to have a step and repeat banner, here are a few reasons why you should get one.

1. You can personalize it any way you want.

Step and repeat banners are available in many sizes

The step and repeat pattern is both pleasing and impactful. The pattern is both in your face, but in a pleasing, even subconscious, pattern. It can be customized however way you want, from what color you make the background, font colors, border themes, and even how you want to install it once it’s printed out. 

Create a unique design for the banner to make it come to life. When it’s custom-made for a specific event, it will attract lots of attention! Everywhere guests go, they’ll see your business’s unforgettable name and logo. The step and repeat banner is so iconic that it might even be the only thing that guests can recall when thinking back to the event, but who’s complaining?

If you use a step and repeat banner for a business, it will make your guests have your business, or your sponsor’s business, on their mind from the first moment of the event. That’s something not to overlook! The banner becomes part of the scenery and adds your own personal touch to the entire event.

2. It makes brands and events very memorable.

Step and repeat banner for engagement party

When you put your logo into your guest’s mind, it does more than advertise your existence. It associates your brand with the event in question. Even if the event isn’t directly related to your industry, it will help get your business out there in a remarkable and exciting way!

This method turns your entire event into a chance to showcase what makes your brand powerful. A memorable event will be synonymous with your brand in every one of your guests’ minds.

Use step and repeat banners to cultivate a powerful memory of what you have to offer. People who have never seen your business before will have an amazing first impression of you, and people already familiar with your business will appreciate your business even more!

3. It will increase your guests’ satisfaction.

Step and repeat backdrop will make your guests feel like celebrities!

As with red carpet affairs, step and repeat banners act as backdrops for various events. You want everyone attending the event to feel their absolute best, and you don’t want to make your 

These photoshoots can be an excellent opportunity. You can not only make your guests feel like a celebrity but also gives you a chance to make new connections and strengthen older ones.

When your guests feel so elite and exclusive, they will definitely spread the word about how much they enjoyed the event, and their words will influence more people to attend your events!

Making Your Event Impactful

The step and repeat pattern banner is a simple and powerful design piece. They are easy to make, iconic in many industries, and give you ample opportunity for powerful plays toward strong business relationships.

If you’re looking for more ways to stand out in an event, then you need to go big or go home (not really, but it helps a lot). Large format printing is a great way to get noticed at an event of any size or can make personal events even better.

At Printleaf, we work with professionals in New York City. Our mission is to make your events look as beautiful and elegant as possible. Looking to get custom step and repeat banners for a business or event in NYC? Come visit us in Midtown. If you need installation services for large format printing, check out our portfolio of installations we’ve done for large print jobs we’ve worked on!

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Last modified: January 31, 2020

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