How do you Create a Lasting Impression?

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The Art of Leave Behinds

Presenting your products or services to potential clients is quite the task. Preparing the necessary information, delivering to them the right value, and most importantly leaving a strong impression for both your company and product. When everything’s said and done and you’ve left your client’s office, what remains to serve as a reminder for your product or service?

​Leave behinds create a strong initial impression that lasts. As well as show off your company’s quality, capabilities and help potential clients in remembering your service or product.

​​There is an artistry to leave behinds, essentially they impart the right value for your clients at the right time, which is a crucial element to advertising.

Establishing Brand Awareness

​Materials that are considered leave behinds vary. Each one is effective in growing your audience and gaining awareness. Understanding when and where leave behinds can be useful, is beneficial to your company. Leave behinds are great in trade shows, meetings and conferences. Generally, they are designed to create and leave a lasting impression long after you’ve met with your potential client.

There are an assortment of Leave Behind options, learning about them can benefit your company.

Business Cards

​The true professional’s handshake. Business cards are an effective and simple way of passing along your personal and professional contact information to potential clients.

Business cards are a unique way of representing yourself and your company. Business cards are the greatest asset when you need to pass along information in fast paced environments, such as trade shows or events.


​A time-tested leave behind is the company letterhead. They are a great way of sending personalized letters, that can include your logo and contact information in the letterhead. Personally tailor your message to connect with potential or current clientele.


Notepads are great leave behind materials that can be printed to include your company logo or contact information. Everyone uses paper to write notes or lists, making notepads the perfect leave behind for clients, who will be reminded of your brand or personal message.


Brochures are one of the most effective and versatile leave behind materials a business or company create to inform clients about products or services. Easily produced at a low cost, they can contain a wealth of information that is beneficial for your clients.

Brochures serve as brief, but informative materials, that can quickly get to the key ideas of your product, service or company. They are the perfect leave behind, during meetings or presentations. They also can be easily distributed to clients and spread your company’s information with ease.


Flyers are a widely used and popular leave behind option, due to their simple and effective nature. Perfect for handing out at trade shows or industry events. A colorful and well designed flyer is often all it takes to attract clients.

Flyers can showcase your company’s creative fount, since it can contain graphics, logos and appealing copy. There are a range of printing options, including heavy stock paper, which will increase their durability. Flyers also make for excellent direct marketing showcases.


Despite the prevalent use of electronic calendars, printed calendars are still a popular leave behind. Capture the attention of potential clients with your calendars themes and design choices. There are an endless number of images a calendar can contain and they serve as a constant reminder of your business all year round.

With the right design, printed calendars can become something your clients look forward to receiving.

​Presentation Folders

​Folders are an excellent way of creating a lasting first impression. They can effectively maximize the information you pass along to potential customers. A quality folder will ensure that your documents are in a safe and organized leave behind package. They also give you the chance to create an immediate visual impact.

Show off just what your industry is made of. Presentation folders are incredibly versatile and completely customizable. Let your folder serve a physical representation for your company.

Presentation folders can be incorporated with variable data, allowing a personalized folder on an individual or company level.

General Promotional Items

Otherwise known as swag. These promotional items can vary from pens and pencils, coffee mugs, tee shirts, bottle openers, etc. The possibilities for this option are as endless as your imagination, but can be dictated by your budget.

Promotional items, swag, can be the right leave behind to catch the eyes of potential clientele. You may only get one chance of creating an impression, why not offer something your clients something substantial.

A Lasting Impression

A quality leave behind is a surefire method of leaving a strong and lasting impression, after all the strongest advertisement is the one that offers value to your clients at the right time. A strong leave behind can create both value for your clients and a lasting impression. Turning potential clients into longtime customers.

Last modified: January 31, 2020

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How do you Create a Lasting Impression?

  1. It’s great that you talked about the importance of leaving a memory of your business after a presentation. Recently, my brother said he’s interested in starting a company and is meeting potential clients soon. I believe a business needs to make a strong first impression, so I’ll be sure to share your tips with my brother. Thanks for the advice on how promotional products make a huge difference in an advertising campaign.

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