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As an event organizer, you hope every attendee is having a great experience. But you can’t be everywhere to react to every situation they may encounter to ensure their experience. You don’t even have the staff to tackle that kind of monumental task.

One way you can be sure to reach all of your attendees and ensure they feel welcome and comfortable finding their way around your event facility is to get create with your event signage, be it wayfinding signs, welcome signs, directories or more.

Stand Up, Stand Out

Your signage make you stand out from the crowd

Whether your event is in a neighborhood park, a fancy hotel or a giant convention center, you want to let your guests know they are in the right place and feel as if they can move quickly to where they need to be.

Oversized, helium-filled balloons in the parking or drop-off area will be visible from a distance and create a festive atmosphere that lets attendees know they are in the right place and can get excited for a good time ahead.

Large-format banners, window clings, pillar covers or wall decals can be printed with arrows pointing people in the right direction to enter your event. Including social media sites, links to event schedules and even mention a special event app on these signs gives participants a chance to interact with you electronically as they arrive. These types of products also allow you to begin showcasing your sponsors even before the crowd enters the event venue.

Create a Welcoming Space

Signage can be used to welcome your customers and patrons

You’ll want to greet participants with an attractive welcome area that can be created from portable displays that are cost-effective and usable for other events. Portable pop-up displays, retractable banners and even display stands create a great place for your staff to greet visitors.

Speaking of staff, you’ll want to make sure they are outfitted in easily recognizable clothing so they can be spotted throughout the event. Participants appreciate being able to quickly identify a staff member or volunteer to ask questions and get that extra, friendly guidance that makes your event memorable.

Use Your Entire Space

Signage can be a small or as large as you need.

As you look around your venue during the planning process, think about all the places you can locate wayfinding and directional signage, plus display event schedules and directories for different rooms or venues. Don’t be afraid to be creative:

• Stairs: Stair wraps provide a great place to catch attention as people are moving up and down. The same for elevator doors and interiors where guests might be standing and waiting; why not use that time for a little education.

• Floors: Floor graphics are an extra way to catch attention and well as pointing people in the right direction. These pieces are even durable enough to place in a parking garage.

• Walls: Wall decals offer an often oversized option to post your message so folks see them from every direction. Plus you will rise above the heads to draw attention.

• Windows: Window clings give you an extra opportunity to promote your product or event without blocking off the light and natural surroundings your attendees also would enjoy, especially if your event is one where attendees are inside the entire day.

Highlight the Essentials

Make sure to highlight the important aspects of your promotion

One last detail to remember about making your attendees feel welcome and pleased with your service is to point out all the essentials, such as:

• Food locations

• Drinking fountains

• Charging stations

• WiFi hotspots

• Restrooms

Creating signage to establish a welcoming presence at your event is limited only by your imagination (or inspiration from sites such as Pinterest). Or better yet, visit with the Printleaf.com professional design staff to learn more great ideas for large-format signage to elevate your event above the competition.

Last modified: January 31, 2020

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