Enhance Corporate Culture with Graphics and Messages

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Whether intentional or accidental, you are creating or living within (depending upon your position) a corporate culture in your company. Understanding that fact, as a leader you immediately will recognize that the better option is an intentional creation of a corporate culture based upon your leadership’s ideals, morals and beliefs.

And once you establish that vision of your corporate culture, you need to promote the establishment of the corporate culture in a controlled manner, not through a haphazard, trickle-down, hope-this-happens sort of approach.

One effective component of the intentional creation of a corporate culture is graphics and messages featured prominently throughout your facilities. The advent of large format printing has made this a more economical and feasible aspect of building a positive corporate culture.

Just consider these ideas on how large format graphics and messages can enhance your corporate culture:

Internal Branding

Use graphics in your internal branding

Companies spend a great deal of time and dollars marketing to consumers, but often neglect to convey their brand to their most important ambassadors, their employees. While you can conduct surveys, send out memo, create mission booklets that gather dust on shelves, large graphics and messages strategically placed on walls, windows and desktops in your facilities stand as a daily reminder of your brand and build culture.

An article in Harvard Business Review discussing the importance of internal branding cites two examples of strong images enhancing corporate culture:

• When Miller Brewing Company sought to reinforce employee morale, it tapped into workers’ pride in their brewing heritage by decorating its breweries with larger-than-life posters of employees depicted as company heroes.

• Carly Fiorina revived an image of Bill Hewlett’s garage, where he and Dave Packard created their first inventions, when she took leadership at Hewlett-Packard. This piece of the company’s heritage was featured in both external and internal marketing messages to accompany the slogan “the original start-up will act like one again.” The image and slogan worked hand-in-hand to establish, or perhaps re-establish, a corporate culture based upon the founders’ determination to chart a new course.


Graphics can be use to beautify your office space.
3D rendering of a sofa in front of a photo wall mural Eibsee Zugspitze

Of course, not every graphic element needs to convey a message to enhance corporate culture. Sometimes, just masking an unattractive element in your building creates a better working environment.

For example, if your conference room window overlooks the neighbor’s smoke stacks, a window cling with a cityscape still could allow light in while creating a space conducive to creativity. Or maybe your employee break room overlooks a busy highway, and a nice beach sunset would provide a relaxing space for your workers.

Images printed on fabric also could soften concrete block walls without the added expense of stucco or other permanent modifications.

An added benefit of these types of enhancements is, because they are economical, they can be refreshed from time to time so employees don’t get bored with the same stale images.

Wayfinding Signage

Use signage for directing employees and visitors

The days of flat signs with block lettering to designate departments are long gone. Large format printing allows you to create attractive signs and maps to lead visitors and employees alike through your facility, whether it’s a sprawling campus or warren of cubicles.

These signs reflect the function and personality of each department, as well, to create an atmosphere matching your corporate culture.

All of these enhancements will best benefit your corporate culture if they are designed in a manner your employees find attractive and friendly. The design and production experts at Printleaf work with your marketing and graphics staff to ensure you receive the proper materials to promote your brand, your image and your culture. Materials can be created in as little as 24 hours, so you can quickly be on your way to enhancing your corporate culture with attractive graphics and messages.

Last modified: January 31, 2020

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Enhance Corporate Culture with Graphics and Messages

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