Custom Made Chocolate for Valentine’s Day Gifts

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Valentine's day chocolate make a great gift choice

With romance in the air, Valentine’s day is right around the corner. Many stores, businesses, and other organizations are dawning a deep red color in celebration of the day of love. As a business owner, you need to make sure you are adhering to the visual staples of Valentine’s day but also being thoughtful in your approach to make yourself unique. 

What Designs Work for Valentine’s Day?

Design your gifts with Valentine's day in mind.

Every holiday has a specific color or theme that is associated with it. Thinks of orange and black for Halloween or red and green for Christmas. For valentine’s day, red and pink are the clear cut choice for the holiday of love. The combination of red and pink together creates a warm and effervescent feeling that will really bring the feeling of romance to people. If you want to learn a little more about the psychology of color in this previous article.

Designs can be crucial to the celebration of Valentine’s day. The most common graphics or asset to any design is a heart. Hearts coincide with feelings of love and romance. Additionally, you can use shapes of arrows and cupid to showcase the love flowing in the air.  You need to make sure to include it in your graphics in some way shape or form. But you have a lot of creative freedom to work with the heart shape. Make sure you have a lot of fun making these designs and spreading them out through many different channels. 

Valentine’s Day Chocolates

Chocolates come in many different options. Choose the best one for your Valentine's day gift

With the advent of technology, you can transform your designs into many different things. It can be a postcard to hand out, a sign attracting your business, a pop-up display to be used at a trade show, a car wrap that people would see every time they drive, and many other things! One more thing we can turn your design into is chocolate. That’s right, your design can be imprinted into a delicious piece of chocolate that you can share with your business, or send as a gift to others!

You can have your design printed on a regular chocolate bar, or you can have it printed on a super-sized chocolate bar! Your designs can be imprinted on a piece of chocolate at almost the size of a license plate, just so you can offer a piece of chocolate to someone that they’ll never forget. You can also have your design printed on chocolate cookies, great for designs that look better on a circular shape. Plus, they taste just as good as they look!

There are many ways to enjoy chocolate. Choose from milk chocolate, dark chocolate, salted caramel, Belgian, and many more chocolate options you can have your designs on. You can also choose how you would like the chocolates to be wrapped and packaged! This will create a great experience from just looking at the chocolate. After all, we eat with the eyes first, so the presentation is extremely important!

Make a Personalized Message

Personalize your valentine's day gift to give a great impression to customers

Your designs can be imprinted in very close detail onto the chocolate of your choice. It can be your logo, a representation of the kind of business that you’re in, a “thank you” message, or anything else that you want people to see!  

Now that you have your chocolates, you might be thinking “what do I do with the chocolate now?” Package your chocolates as a gift box and send them to your customers to show your appreciation for their continued patronage. Couple this with personalized postcards to give a truly personalized experience. It’ll leave a great impression on whoever you give the chocolates to, and may even help you in reaching your goals. 

Another method for utilizing your chocolates is to give them out with each newly completed sale. This gives you a really unique opportunity to make a lasting impression with your customers to turn them into repeat customers for years to come. The chocolate is a unique item that will make your customers remember your brand more than your competitors. 

For instance, if you want to sell a customer a car at a dealership, you can make yourself appear more trustworthy and generous by giving them custom chocolate. Once they take a look at the chocolate with an image of a car or a message that welcomes them, the customer will feel better about purchasing a car from you! Of course, you can use chocolates to support your sales strategy for any kind of business.

Final Thoughts

Design your valentine's day chocolate to show off your brand logo!

Many people around the world love chocolate. Chocolate and valentine’s day go hand in hand. You can have custom designed chocolates to show off your business or brand. Make sure your business is using chocolates as part of your marketing or sales plan. Use your custom designed chocolates to make great gifts for your customers to show them that your business cares. OR simply, have them to say “thank you” for choosing your brand for products or services. Here at Printleaf, we are here to help build your company and brand. Our goal is to provide the best bang for your buck with quick turnaround times and excellent customer service. Printleaf can help you design and make customized chocolates or any other printed product to help build your brand or business. If you want to learn more about Printleaf, please visit our website or call (212) 328-1174.

Last modified: February 7, 2020

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