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Countless theories exist about the origin of the T-shirt, (also called a tee shirt or t shirt) but many agree that the all-American garment first rose to fame in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s 1920 novel, This Side of Paradise. Since then it’s been a worldwide icon, playing an important role in marketing brands, and expressing ideasThe T-shirt earned its name from its shape: When laid flat, it forms a truncated “tee” and bridged the gap between sleeveless men’s undershirts from the Roaring Twenties and longer-sleeved outer garments required by modest, polite society.

Since then, t-shirts have become platforms for expressing ideas and for promoting brands. As silk screen printing processes became more affordable, custom shirts became the rage for everyone from political movements to soda pop promotions. Today, inexpensive t-shirts are more popular and affordable than ever with custom online t-shirt printing.

Here are some fun and creative ways custom-made t-shirts help promote brands, bring people together and reflect our cultural and social diversity.

Group Shirts for Company Picnics & School Field Trips

Stand out in a crowd! Custom-designed t-shirts help organizers keep track of everyone while spreading the word about your organization. Bright colors make it easy to spot stragglers and help keep your group together when you’re at crowded theme parks or museums.

Customized shirts are extremely helpful when you need to locate lost kids on company family days and field trips with smaller school children.

Custom Silk Screened Jerseys and Shirts for Fundraising Events

Provide visibility for sponsors, identify event staff and promote your cause with cheap t-shirts. Use several t-shirt designs to sell or raffle as additional fundraising opportunities, or for contest prizes. Choose a breathable, non-chafing synthetic shirt to customize collectible jerseys and tees for runners and cyclists in charity sporting events.

Family Reunions

Are you getting the tribe together? Personalized t-shirts are hugely popular at family reunions. Does Grandpa have a favorite saying? Print it on your custom shirts. Have fun with pop culture with Game of Thrones inspired t-shirt designs by incorporating self-designed sigils and family mottos on screen printed shirts. Your relatives will wear these keepsakes long after the party is over.

Team Events

Whether you’re gearing up your department to boost morale, or dressing out your company softball team for the season, sign up with a custom t-shirt printing company to design affordable shirts bearing numbers, names and your team. Don’t forget to print sweatshirts for post-game barbecues or trips to the local watering hole!

Club & Church Events

School clubs and civic organizations can take advantage of affordable custom shirt printing for competitions, community service events, and regular meetings. Make new members feel included by presenting them with their own shirt, and honor special club members with personalized t-shirts printed with their accomplishments or leadership positions.

Shirts printed with your organization’s name come in handy for festivals, fundraisers, and emergency outreach when it’s important to keep your group organized and visible.

School Spirit

Raise funds for your school with custom-printed tees. Design shirts for booster clubs, specific big games or to rally your student body for various events throughout the year, from homecoming games to awareness campaigns. There are many timeless t-shirt designs popular among all ages, or you can let your art department lead the charge!

Your Best Online T-Shirt Printing Company

Let your creativity run wild without blowing your budget. offers a variety of shirt colors and styles for your cheap, personalized t-shirt design. Do you want to add variety to your screen printed branding options? Our custom apparel line includes hoodies, button-down shirts, jackets, and pants. We also offer high-quality embroidery and dye-sublimation printing at prices designed to make custom branding accessible to even the smallest organizations, while providing the quality service and volume necessary to serve our largest corporate clients.

Last modified: January 31, 2020

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