Creative Folder Designs, Why they can help you

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There are many uses for a folder whether that be simply organizing files for personal use, or acting as a creative way of presenting information to serve as aid in a presentation, brief, or pitch. Like most other print materials, design can play a very important role in how much of an impact the material has on your audience.

Using a creative design and format can transform your folder into an effective way to communicate who you are as a person, company, or team. It can portray a sense of professionalism or creativity, depending on the field at which you work in and what best serves your purpose.

Although the standard folder is the most recognized and common, it’s not always the best way of leaving a lasting impression. When using a folder for such things as a presentation it would benefit you to incorporate some design elements or branding in order to make your folder unique and stand out.

If you are looking to create a unique folder a great place to start would be by keeping some of these tips in mind.

Where to start


Firstly, it might help to look at some templates to get an idea of where to begin and what a basic design might look like. You can either keep it simple from there or choose to elaborate on the template, making it uniquely yours.

Keep your goals in mind

Remember to design for your goals. This could mean a myriad of different things, all depending on what you plan to use your folder for. For example if this is for a sales pitch, then make sure that your folder communicates a sense of professionalism and displays the needed information in an effective manner.

This could also mean using your design to target a specific audience. If you are using this folder for a presentation, you most likely will know the people you are going to be presenting to. In that case make sure to cater the design to the people who would receive it, to ensure the folder leaves a favorable impression on your audience.

Make sure it relates to the content

Make sure that the design of the folder relates to the content inside. making the design and tone of the folder matche the content is an important aspect to ensuring the presentation comes across as cohesive. For example You don’t want a very creative and artistic design if your presenting information that’s very serious. Similarly you don’t want an overly simplified folder if the content it holds is creative.

Comprehensive design

Don’t overlook the details. Focusing on the details and making sure that the design works with every part of the folder is essential to again create a cohesive and put together presentation or product. This means focus on the back, the flaps of the folder, and what you might think are the more hidden parts. The details will go a long way and show time went into it, and those who receive it will notice and appreciate the effort you put in.

Touch and feel- quality

Like other print materials the touch and feel of the paper and product are noticeable by those who receive them and can add to the overall effect the product has on the audience. The nicer the paper stock, the better feel it will have and give off a better sense of professionalism.

Common mistakes to avoid:

  • Poor layout- layout plays a big role in print designs so take your time on laying out exactly how you want it to look. Don’t hesitate to get an opinion or consult from your printer to make sure your layout works.
  • Too much text or the design is too busy- too much text or a busy design on the folder will be overwhelming to your audience, keep your folder simple and let the content speak for itself
  • Your design is too boring- likewise don’t keep it so simple that your design is too boring, the point of a custom folder is to stand out. Make sure your design is interesting enough to catch the attention of your audience.
  • Poor choice of paper stock
  • Selecting the wrong printer-your folder design can be great in theory but if executed poorly, it won’t get the effect you desire. Make sure that you trust your printer and are confident they can execute your folders properly.

Things to consider…

We searched the web to find some folder designs that inspire us. Here are some designs that stuck out to us and some elements they incorporated that we feel will help your folders make a lasting impression.


Cutouts are a cool way of adding a design element to your folder without making it look over crowded. They are sleek and simple but add to your overall design. They’re also a great way of incorporating your logo or a key word or phrase into the folder. The design below shows a great way to use a cutout that creates a sense of cohesiveness between the folder and some other paper elements included in the folder or presentation.  

Raised glossy lettering

Raised lettering is a great way of making your type stand out. The bold lettering will stand in contrast to  the background and pop on the page.


Essential to a folder is the simple fact that it folds. But why stop there, use this design aspect to your advantage and explore other varieties of folds that you could include. Creative folds in your folder could create a dynamic design and add a flow to the information you’re presenting.


Any print material is a great way to communicate who you are and what you do, so why not use this opportunity to show off your brand.

​Whether that be a clever way of placing your logos or incorporating your brands color scheme into the material.

​Creating a nicely designed folder that coincides with your companies brand will help to create a cohesive image and a sense of professionalism, allowing your audience to get a better idea of who you are as a company and professional.

Never hesitate to reach out to you printer with any questions or to ask for advice on your next print jobs. Here at Printleaf We offer a wide array of different print options for your next project. For more folder inspiration make sure to checkout our pinterest board or checkout our other social media for daily print inspiration and tips on all things print.

Last modified: January 31, 2020

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