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Custom oval labels for events and businesses

Events require a lot of things to make them as interactive as possible. You may need displays, banners, and all sorts of marketing collateral such as postcards, booklets, and business cards. But as you check off everything you need for your upcoming event, did you remember to include a very important item on your list? Of course, we’re talking about labels!

Labels are necessary to have at trade shows, conventions, celebrations, or gatherings.

Not only do they make your items at the occasion more decorative, but they are also very functional and versatile as well. They can be put on just about any object and will add to the theme of the event!

Stickers and Labels – What’s the Difference?

Wine labels are very popular labels to use

You might think that labels are really similar to stickers, and you would be correct. The main attribute that differentiates stickers and labels are their purposes. Stickers are generally more fun and generally focus on visuals and graphics. While it’s important to have a great design, labels need to put the attention towards the text. This lets other people know what business or person was responsible for producing an event or that object.

Advantages of Using Labels

It’s always nice to have your name on something, regardless of what it is. If you have a business, you would want more people to see your brand anywhere your customers go. Those customers will tell others about your brand, and the pattern will continue. It’s great for advertising and getting more traffic to your business!

If you have a nice product, chances are people will take pictures of it and post it on their social media channels. If a foodie showed up to your restaurant, took a picture of your menu item and posted it on Instagram, you will be known for your food or drink. However, by putting a label on it, the picture becomes much more appealing, leading more people into your restaurant.

The same goes for virtually all businesses. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you’re in. If you produce some sort of product or service, you can use labels to optimize your marketing and advertising! 

What Labels to Use for Your Event

There are many types of labels that you can use for your event. Labels are typically classified by their shape or by their purpose (what you want to stick a label on). Some very common label shapes are rectangles, squares, and circles. Although labels look better on certain objects, don’t be afraid to experiment with where else you can place your labels!

Rectangle Labels

Custom rectangle label for restaurant opening event

Rectangle labels are extremely common to use at an event because of all the different applications they have. If you’re participating in a trade show and you’re showcasing your merchandise, rectangle labels are the way to go. 

Are you promoting your recent product lineup? You can put a special rectangle label over the box of that item to display your business’s name and the name of the trade show that the item was featured in. This creates a luxurious, you-had-to-be-there feel to the product. 

If you’re promoting a drink, such as fine winery or ciders, you can put a rectangular label right on the bottle to give it the appearance it deserves. Clear labels look stunning when they’re on bottles with colorful drinks inside. The clearness accentuates the rich details and colors of the drink which really helps to give it life.

Another popular way to utilize rectangle labels is to create custom water bottle labels with them! This is perfect for weddings, birthdays, and other sorts of celebrations. Make the label the same color as the other colors of the event to match its theme. You can completely customize the label with whatever you want on it, such as a name(s) or a message to make your event completely tailor-fit to you!

Square Labels

Square labels are best stuck on square-shaped objects like boxes.

Square labels are the best labels to use for any object that is shaped like a square! This includes perfumes/colognes, soap containers, jars, and more! Use square labels to put on your products so that you can decorate them and show them off. 

Square labels are also effective for organizing packages and boxes. If you’re holding or participating in an event with boxes of products from various companies, it would be immensely helpful to label your boxes or packages with your company label. Not only does it make it easier to recognize your items faster and more efficiently, but it also helps with increasing your brand exposure. Total win-win.

Circle Labels

Clear circle labels placed on beverages to emphasize colors.

Last but not least, circle labels help to make your events more successful. It’s customary to hand out some souvenirs at an event. If you’re taking part in a convention where many different businesses give out free stuff, you would want your products to be the ones that your guests remember the most. The best part is, there isn’t much to do in order to get people to remember your business!

Whether you’re giving out goodie-bags, food or drinks, or samples of your product out to your prospective customers and clients, you should have customer retention in mind. A nice, circle label on a paper bag may be all it takes for people to remember your business. It’s as simple as that! 

With all the marketing benefits of using a circle label, you can’t also forget that it can be fun, too! Giving your event items funny names with your circle labels is a great way to engage your visitors and guests. They’ll love your effort for making the occasion as special as it can be, and they’ll be sure to come visit again!

For more ideas about how to use stickers and labels to hold successful events, check out our article on using stickers to attract more people!

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Last modified: January 31, 2020

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