5 Benefits of Using Portable Pop Up and Hop Up Displays & Banners for Trade Shows

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Your company’s trade show ROI hinges upon your ability to drive traffic to your booth. One of the best ways to ensure that you capture the eye of trade show attendees is to invest in a colorful portable pop up or hop up display & banner for your space. In addition to being portable and easy to set up, pop up displays are low maintenance and versatile. Below are 5 benefits of using portable pop up and hop up displays for trade shows.

1) Their portability makes them a breeze to transport

A key advantage of pop up displays is their ability to be broken down into a compact, lightweight package that can easily be handled by one person. This enables budget-conscious companies to curb costs by transporting their own trade show materials. With shipping and drayage costs accounting for 10% of the average trade show budget, the ability to eliminate shipping and storage costs is significant. Below are some specific benefits of a portable pop up display:

  • Many pop up and hop up displays are so compact that they can be carried on board aircraft.
  • They can easily fit into most cars and trucks, facilitating transport to local trade shows.
  • Pop up and hop up displays can be shipped by UPS, Fed Ex, or virtually any other shipping agent.

2) They are colorful and customizable

Pop up and hop up displays offer versatility that you will not find with other types of displays. In particular, the ability to print a full-color customized company graphic design and logo on the display’s fabric allows you to easily personalize your booth. Additionally, you can order multiple fabric covers, each with a different company graphic design or series of product images. This enables you to customize your trade show marketing approach to target the different types of customers you serve.

3) They are easy to set up

Pop up and hop up displays are a dream for exhibitors who typically dread the setup process. In contrast to the heavy, cumbersome displays that used to dominate the trade show industry, pop up and hop up displays are known for their ease of assembly. Here are a few reasons why they are so easy to set up:

  • Pop up displays can be assembled by one person, eliminating the need to hire laborers.
  • They can be set up in less than 10 minutes. Some displays can be set up in under a minute.
  • One person can quickly and easily break down a pop up or hop up after the expo.

4) Pop up and hop up displays are available in a variety of sizes

The size variety offered by pop up displays enables exhibitors to make the most of their booth space while complying with trade show requirements. You can choose from a variety of sizes, including 10′ x 10′, 10′ x 20′, and 10′ x 30′. You can even find curve-shaped displays to help your booth stand out from the competition.

5) Storing and maintaining them is simple

The use of fabric to construct pop up and hop up displays yields a variety of benefits. A few of the most notable advantages are as follows:

  • Your display will always look fresh and clean because the fabric portion is easy to launder.
  • You can order multiple fabric covers to ensure that you are always ready for your next trade show.
  • Pop up and hop up displays are compact and require little storage space.

The Bottom Line

Pop up and hop up portable displays offer a host of benefits for companies seeking to optimize their trade show booth space in a professional, affordable manner. Their portability and user-friendly design make it easy for a trade show exhibitor to single-handedly set up a fresh, attractive display in a matter of minutes. The trade show experts with Printleaf can prepare a customized pop up or hop up display for your company by printing your full-color graphic design and logo on the display fabric. The Printleaf team looks forward to introducing you to the many ways that pop up and hop up displays will help optimize your trade show success!

Last modified: January 31, 2020

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5 Benefits of Using Portable Pop Up and Hop Up Displays & Banners for Trade Shows

  1. One thing I know that is hated by me is setting up for things. If someone asked me to set up for a trade show display, then I would love to get a pop-up display. That would make things so much easier and faster.

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    I like that you pointed out that these things will be able to fit anywhere which makes it easy to transport to where we need to put up displays. I will suggest this to my partner since we will start doing trade shows in different places to promote our homemade products. We will not have a physical store in the future, but this first step will help us get our online store and products get recognized by people. So they can share it with others as well if they like it.

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